First Response Training

STAT Medical



Blended Learning Information:  

You access online course materials from any computer at any time and complete the learning with an Instructor-led, in-class skills practice and evaluation.

Chances are you will need to fit classes into an already hectic work and family schedule. 

Blended learning is ideal for:

     Students who want the convenience of learning online

     Employers who want to minimize training time.

     Scheduling convenience - you can complete the online course content when it best fits your       schedule

     Quality learning - as effective as traditional classroom course delivery (J. Allied Health, 2009)

     Appealing to the adult learner through a self-directed online experience


On Line classes currently available listed below

BLS CPR Professional Rescuer  $55.00

CPR / AED and First Aid  $80.00

CPR for Community and Workplace  $45.00

First Aid  $45.00

Plan on 2-3 hours to complete your skills check off class. Certification card is issued upon successful completion of the program

Purchase your class on line via PayPal and receive an email within 24 hours with instructions to get started with your program